Moggill Sports Complex Pops With Assorted Profile Colours Design in Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council chose recycled plastic profiles from Replas for the screening material on the new amenities buildings and sun shades at Moggill Sports Complex. Profiles from Replas come in a huge range of colours, widths and lengths. They are suitable for a range of uses, like this new screening at Moggill Sports Complex. Like all recycled plastic products, profiles do not rot, split or crack like alternative materials. The low maintenance aspect and durability requires little resources to be used by the council to upkeep. The assorted range of profiles adds a pop of colour and utilises long lasting products made from recycled plastic that would otherwise go to landfill. A great example of Closing the Loop by Brisbane City Council, turning problematic waste, into a useful product.


Square Profiles

A durable and extremely versatile product with endless application possibilities.