Parks Victoria Continue to Install Sustainable Products with Replas Bollards at Braeside Park

Braeside Park, just off Mordialloc freeway in Victoria, is now equipped with 200 mm bollards from Replas at the entrance of the park. Recycled is a good option for Parks Victoria due to sustainability and wearability/longevity. These bollards have been installed to count the number of visitors coming into the park, this particular bollard was also chosen due to the size and ability for us to change/cut/screw the bollard as we needed to install the technology on the inside rather than on the outside where it could be vandalised. The robust 200 mm bollard has a beveled edge-shaped top and is designed to be installer-friendly with its hollow, lightweight attributes.

Braeside Park is an oasis of parkland nestled amongst golf courses, urban development, and busy roads.


200 mm Bollard

Our newest and largest durable Bollard.