Stylish, Long Lasting Seating Installed at City of Launceston’s Iconic Quadrant Mall

The City of Launceston in Tasmania completed a significant refurbishment of the city’s iconic Quadrant Mall using recycled plastic profiles as seating. The requirement was long lasting, stylish seating that they could collaborate with stainless steel frames. The 70 mm x 20 mm profiles from Replas were the fit for purpose, sustainable product they were looking for. Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, these profile seats will not rot, split or crack and will not splinter like alternative material. The low maintenance aspects allows the maintenance team at the mall to use their efforts and spending on other areas of the mall. A great way to incorporate recycled plastic products while maintaining the aesthetics of the popular shopping centre for City of Launceston.


Rectangular Profiles

A durable and extremely versatile product with endless application possibilities.