City of Gold Coast – Water Meter Markers made from recycled plastic

The markers were designed to solve communication issues the council were having with their wireless smart meters, as they were located in maintenance pits connected directly to service pipes the meters were often getting flooded and being underground the communication signal was either weak or intermittent, we worked with them to customise our 125mm bollards to hold the meters inside the bollard and raise them out of the ground, this solved both issues with flooding and weak signals but also provides high visibility to the meter locations and makes access easier.

The meters are fixed onto the back of a removable panel in the bollard that when removed from the bollard also removes the meter with it.

The council has rolled over 20 of these bollards out to problem areas so far and are very impressed with the results and are looking forward to further use of this custom solution in the future.


125 mm Bollard

A durable design, featuring a pyramid shaped top.