Latrobe City Council recently renovated it’s Landfill Education Centre at the Hyland Highway Landfill near Traralgon in Gippsland, Victoria. A feature of the ‘EcoGeni Sustainability Education Centre’ is new a outdoor amphitheatre with upcycled car tyre seating and fitted with recycled plastic seat covers from Replas. “Latrobe City is currently developing a new Resource Recovery and Environment Strategy, which will include a preference for the use of recycled materials as part of its commitment to the Circular Economy,” explained Latrobe’s Sustainability Education and Communications Officer, Peter Collins.

Replas’ post – industrial 100% recycled solid plastic sheeting is 2.4 x 1.2m in size and available in a thickness range from 10 to 60 mm in recycled HDPE and PP – a great ‘circular economy’ solution for Latrobe. “We wanted to use recycled materials to be in keeping with the aims of the centre. Recycled tyres were an obvious choice as the base of the seating, but we needed a suitable low maintenance material for the seat tops. Recycled plastic was seen as the most appropriate material, as it would not deteriorate and presented a safe, smooth surface for students to sit on. Replas offered a great range of colours to match the Education Centre,” Peter explained.

“The recycled plastic sheeting from Replas will not rot, rust or crack, making it safe for all visitors, and its durable, low maintenance qualities made it a perfect fit for us. The seating has been well received by students and teachers on ‘WasteSmart’ Recycling Education Tours and  is a sustainability ‘win’ for Latrobe City Council” said Peter.