Recycled Plastic Brolga Bollard Fencing “So Easy to Install” for Inverell Shire Council in New South Wales

Replas Bollards are versatile in many ways, including being turned into bollard fencing, linked via a chain or pipe, they can be used to create a simple barrier to define boundaries or deter vehicle or pedestrian access. Recycled plastic Brolga Bollards from Replas were used as fencing with a galvanised pipe for Inverell Shire Council at Copeton Dam in New South Wales, installed by Tim Russell and his team at Dominico Blue Building. "They were so easy to install," explains Tim, " we installed with string lines and the pipe just slid in following the concrete going off."

The Brolga Bollard is tall and slender with an elegant profile. The unique double wall construction offers more rigidity which adds to the strength of the installation; while a hollow centre means although the bollards are strong, they are extremely lightweight, making them cheaper to transport and easier to install. As is the case with all recycled plastic products from Replas, these bollards are virtually maintenance free, they will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting. "They look great and do exactly what we wanted to achieve, we are very happy with the outcome," said Tim.


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