Delacombe Park Playground Gets Enhanced With Recycled Plastic Bollard Fencing from Replas

Delacombe Park Playground in Frankston City Council have installed recycled plastic fencing around their grounds to deter vehicles and pedestrians from the park area. 150 mm round bollards were used with galvanised rail pipe to create the fence. This recycled plastic fencing also directs the pedestrian traffic away from the local natural flora and fauna. 150 mm round bollards are clean and smooth, and stands up to changes in temperature without distorting. Replas bollards are the ideal solution wherever rigid barriers are required to define boundaries or deter vehicle or pedestrian access. As is the case with all recycled-plastic products, these posts are virtually maintenance free and are available in a range of colours. These bollards will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting, a great addition for Frankston City Council and their efforts of creating a Circular Economy.


150 mm Round Bollard

Classic domed bollards, commonly used to define boundaries.