Celebrating All Nations Park – 20 Years of Recycled Plastic Products

For the last twenty years, the City of Darebin has been committed to sustainable and innovative solutions within their public parks. All Nations Park in Northcote, Victoria is a prime example. This park is home to many Replas recycled-plastic products that are still as sturdy and strong as the day they were installed. Let’s take a closer look at what this park has to offer and why it is worth celebrating.

The Benefits of Recycled-Plastic Products

Recycled-plastic products are an excellent choice for parks due to their strength, durability, and sustainability. They require very little maintenance and can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. They also help reduce landfill waste by reusing plastic that would otherwise be discarded. The products found in All Nations Park include swale bridges, bollard fences and furniture that have all proven to stand the test of time for twenty years!

The Wide Range of Applications

Not only do these recycled-plastic products provide a sustainable solution for parks but they also have many other applications. Replas offers a wide range of outdoor furniture including benches, picnic settings, boardwalks and signs perfect for schools or public spaces alike. They also offer custom sign options which are perfect for promoting businesses or events. With such a wide range available there is sure to be something suitable for every setting!

All nations Park in Northcote provides a prime example of how recycled-plastic products can provide lasting solutions in public spaces while helping reduce landfill waste at the same time. After twenty years these products are still just as strong and durable as ever – proving that when it comes to performance you can always rely on Replas! If you’re looking for a long lasting, sustainable solution then look no further than Replas


Kakadu Seat

Ergonomically designed seat with an upright back.

150 mm Round Bollard

Classic domed bollards, commonly used to define boundaries.

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