Custom Wall Mounted Benches Installed at Boy Charlton Pool in New South Wales Manly Aquatic Centre

Andrew “Boy” Charlton Pool at Manly Aquatic Centre in New South Wales have installed recycled plastic wall mounted benches in their change cubicles. Custom stainless steel brackets were used due to the proximity of the salt water to the facility. The Wall Mounted Bench comprises 90 mm x 40 mm recycled plastic slats, can be mounted securely to any solid wall structure and can be constructed in any length. The resulting benches are very stable, making them a popular choice for toilet blocks and change room facilities like at Boy Charlton Pool. This outdoor area is open and exposed to the environment, where recycled plastic products outlast alternative materials. The durability and longevity of recycled plastic products allows Boy Charlton Pool staff to use their resources on other areas. With no rotting, splitting, cracking and little maintenance required, this installation will last pool goers many summers to come.


Wall Mounted Bench

A simple seating solution that's easy to install.

Premier Bench

A popular bench with a lightweight yet durable and sleek design.

Lyrebird Bench

A traditional looking bench, popular in an array of settings.