A ‘Big’ Change for Carey Sports Complex

When it comes to aquatic and leisure centres, there is no better product poolside than Replas recycled plastic furniture. Carey Sports Complex in Boroondara, Victoria was faced with a big maintenance problem. The furniture surrounding the pools had steel supports that had corroded to the extent that rust was entering the pool. Management looked for a solution to this major issue, and having previously found Replas furniture to be a great success in the aquatic environment decided that once more recycled plastic would be the answer.

So recycled plastic Big Benches and Lyrebird Benches were purchased and installed throughout the aquatic centre at Carey Sports Complex. These furnishings are now providing a long term solution that will require little to no maintenance, and which give the place a bright and fresh new look.


Big Bench

The perfect community bench.

Lyrebird Bench

A traditional looking bench, popular in an array of settings.

Square Profiles

A durable and extremely versatile product with endless application possibilities.