Yarra City Council Bring Community Gardening Together With Replas Planter Boxes

"Yarra City Council is committed to sustainability and in the development of a Circular Economy for recovered materials. The Replas products are viewed as a practical working example of how procurement can drive a Circular Economy at the local level," said Joe Agostino, Project Manager at Yarra City Council. Installed on the walk ways in their community are custom recycled plastic Planter Boxes from Replas. These Planter Boxes have community grown vegetables for residents in the area, "the Planter boxes came assembled and ready to use," said Joe. "The product previously used for the Planter Boxes was timber, which has a short life cycle compared to the Replas material. The Planter Boxes are very high quality and present a very attractive finish with benefits of an extended lifecycle and very low maintenance. Yarra City Council supports sustainability, the use of recycled products, the Circular Economy and the development of local recycling markers," said Joe. Replas Planter Boxes are the latest way to add a touch of nature to an outdoor area, a great fit for Yarra City Council. The custom design of Replas Planter Boxes allows anyone to chose from a range of colours and styles to create a unique signature piece.


Garden Panel

A sturdy solution for garden beds, playgrounds and sand pits.

Planter Box

A versatile and custom product with endless possibilities. Resistant to moisture and an extremely durable planter box solution.