Replas Recycled Plastic Kimberley Seats Line Upwey Tecoma Bowls Club

Upwey Tecoma Bowls Club have installed 14 recycled plastic Kimberley Seats from Replas at their facility. The seats arrived assembled and the club was extremely happy with their purchase. Kimberley Seats from Replas feature an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. It’s available in either a sturdy free-standing or in-ground model, Upwey Tecoma Bowls Club have laid concrete slabs under the seats for stability. Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, these Kimberley Seats will not split, splinter or crack and will never need painting, making it an ideal option for a community bowls club. Greg Nicholls of the bowls club said, “Upwey Tecoma Bowls Club members are proud to support manufacturers of recycling products back into the community. Being a well-established club, we were sitting on the old wooden slat with concrete support type benches. The Replas product has blended in with our current surroundings quite nicely and will require no ongoing maintenance. Installation was quick and simple and Upwey Tecoma will support Replas moving forward into the future.”



A long-lasting and durable carpark solution.

Wall Mounted Bench

A simple seating solution that's easy to install.