“The Student Parliament at Allambie Heights Public School voted to replace our school mud kitchen which had decayed and needed to be removed,” explains Sarah Swift, Deputy Principal at Allambie Heights Public School. “Students and teachers undertook research to look for a suitable replacement. All the mud kitchens we saw were wooden and we were concerned about keeping it clean, free of spiders and the longevity of the kitchen,” Sarah continued. After contacting Replas, a new product was born! With recycled plastic sheeting, profiles and bollards, Allambie Heights PS was able to create a mud kitchen that would outlast a timber alternative, is resistant to moisture and termites and requires little maintenance. “We were impressed by the design that was created and the kitchen was custom made for us,” said Sarah, “no other company had offered this service.” Replas bollards and profiles provide a 98% recycled plastic material that will not rust or deteriorate by being in the outside sun. The recycled plastic material will not splinter, making it safer for children to play and enjoy. “We are very impressed with the mud kitchen, it is an environmentally friendly product which is low maintenance. Our school values the environment and is committed to using environmentally friendly products. We love the bright colours and it is aesthetically appealing and a strong construction that will withstand being used by a large number of students. It was easy to assemble, the students and parents are all impressed with it and we are extremely satisfied with the product and had excellent customer service,”said Sarah. In all plastic sheet components manufactured by RPA we are using 98% post-industrial recycled plastic materials, with the remainder being the Master Batch which contains the pigments and UV stabiliser. The 98% recycled material content, by mass, is in line with AS/NZS ISO 14021. The Replas Mud Kitchen is now available to purchase for your school, to learn more please contact the Replas Sales Team by email at sales@replas.com.au or by phone, 1800REPLAS.