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100 mm Bollard

An elegant bollard featuring a collar route.

125 mm Bollard

A durable design, featuring a pyramid shaped top.

145 mm Bollard

A sturdy and durable bollard featuring a pyramid top.

150 mm Round Bollard

Classic domed bollards, commonly used to define boundaries.

200 mm Bollard

Our newest and largest durable Bollard.

Arris Fencing

A modern take on a traditional park or paddock fence.

Brolga Bollard

One of our most popular Bollards, with a sleek splayed top design.

Flat Top Bollard

A clean and contemporary looking bollard, perfectly used to create barrier fencing.

Post and rail fencing

Choose from a range of post & rail sizes to create your custom fence.

Speed Humps

A tough, long-lasting traffic control solution.