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Beachcomber Seat

A seat that is unique to you!

Big Bench

The perfect community bench.

Buddy Bench

Made for Schools as a friendship initiative.

Daintree Seat

A popular choice, suitable for a variety of settings.

Daintree Select Seat

A modern twist on the classic Daintree Seat.

Eco Pod

A multipurpose product, with a distinct trapezoid shape.


Enduroplank™ is a sturdy long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. It is ideal for a myriad of commercial applications and is especially suitable for marine environments as salt water will not corrode the material.

Flinders Setting

A sturdy design, comfortably seating up to 8 people.

Garden Panel

A sturdy solution for garden beds, playgrounds and sand pits.

Kakadu Seat

Ergonomically designed seat with an upright back.