Recycled Plastic Podium Sign Display In Lake Wanaka

In Queenstown Lakes District Council there are recycled plastic podium signs at Lake Wanaka. These podium signs from Replas provide and excellent way to display information. The walks around Lake Wanaka have received some new informational signage to provide visitors with a range of information about the environment and ecosystem. The signage, made from recycled plastic, will stand the test of time at Lake Wanaka, being more durable and easier to maintenance than the standard timber signs. Having five long lasting signs are the lake, Queenstown Lakes DC can rest assure their recycled plastic products from Replas will not split, rot, or crack – giving visitors the information they need for years to come!


Paddle Sign

A highly visible foreshore and parkland wayfinding sign.

Bollard Sign

A functional, dual purpose signage solution.