Junior Setting

A table setting specifically designed to suit young children.

Kakadu Seat

Ergonomically designed seat with an upright back.

Kimberley Seat

An ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort.

Kimberley Select Seat

The Kimberley Select Seat offers a modern twist on a comfortable old favourite. The combination of extra slats and a more streamlined support results in a design that is both practical and stylish

Kingfisher Bench

Designed for maximum comfort, with different slat options.

Kingfisher Seat

A sleek, modern design.

Kookaburra Bench

Wide bench designed to accommodate back to back seating.

Lyrebird Bench

A traditional looking bench, popular in an array of settings.

Modular Bench

The Modular Bench is a versatile solution for any area. This bench can be fixed to an appropriate surface or are heavy enough to be free standing. Preferred shipping method is pre-assembled but flat packed is an option. Modular Benches have approx. 30,000 pieces of plastic packaging!

Plank Sign

A customisable wayfinding sign solution.