Lyndhurst Primary School Install Modular Benches, Kookaburra Settings and More!

Lyndhurst Primary School had a large installation of recycled plastic products on their school grounds of Modular Benches, Premier Benches and Kookaburra Benches. This Replas furniture was installed by Replas Pro Woodbridge Landscapes, Dean Walsh, used in open spaces throughout the school as part of a furniture upgrade. Modular Benches are a versatile solution for any area. This bench can be fixed to an appropriate surface or are heavy enough to be free standing. The elegant Kookaburra Bench is designed for maximum comfort and is available in two widths with a choice of either 40 mm or 90 mm slats. These benches are available in both freestanding and in-ground models in a selection of attractive colours.

Explore the furniture at Lyndhurst Primary School with principal Greg Lacey as he explains the benefits of recycled plastic products at the school, with Modular Benches and Kookaburra Settings!


100 mm Bollard

An elegant bollard featuring a collar route.

125 mm Bollard

A durable design, featuring a pyramid shaped top.