Lavalla Catholic College in the Gippsland Region of Victoria, Traralgon, have installed a variety of recycled plastic furniture and Wheelstops around their grounds. Kakadu Seats, Premier Settings and varies coloured Wheelstops gives Lavalla CC durable, low maintenance products to outlast outdoor weather conditions. The Kakadu Seat  is a straight-back seat with graceful sculptured supports for more comfort, where the Premier Settings offer greater legroom from the clever design of the bench and table supports. Recycled plastic Wheelstops are a tough, light-weight alternative to concrete stops to prevent damage from walls and other vehicles. Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, these furniture pieces and Wheelstops will not rot, split or crack, making them safe for students and faculty at the College and without damaging the car park or cars. A great addition for Lavalla Catholic College while diverting soft plastics from landfill and becoming the true recyclers!