Flinders Setting Looks Out Onto the Ocean at Inverloch Foreshore in Bass Coast Shire Council

On the foreshore in Inverloch, Victoria, a recycled plastic Flinders Setting from Replas is installed looking out onto the ocean. Flinders Settings are an attractive picnic setting, and unlike other Replas settings, this features the slats running the other way. The table is very secure, and is available in both slab mount and in-ground models, like here at the Inverloch Foreshore. As is the case with all recycled-plastic furniture, these tables and benches are virtually maintenance free and will never need painting. The recycled plastic material will also not rust in the salt water environment, unlike alternative materials. Bass Coast Shire Council continue to Close the Loop by creating a demand for recycled plastic products in their municipality.


125 mm Bollard

A durable design, featuring a pyramid shaped top.

100 mm Bollard

An elegant bollard featuring a collar route.