Daintree National Park is a tropical area of wilderness, home to many popular walks in North Queensland. The Dubuji Boardwalk in particular is a cool, coastal mangrove swamp adjacent to the coast of Myall Beach, south of Cape Tribulation.

The boardwalk is shaded by enormous fan palms, strangler figs and vines, a peaceful area home to various diverse plants and animals. Incredibly well signposted, the walk is a safe, terrific means to discover the tropical oasis and mangrove within. Absorbing the mangroves adaption to salt water and the ecosystem it supports is a complex discovery on the charming walk.

This Replas boardwalk is designed to last, providing hard-wearing, maintenance-free materials to go the distance. The Enduroplankā„¢ recycled-plastic decking is slip resistant, ensuring an easy walk for all visitors. The decking represents the latest in technology, offering an ethical alternative to traditional timber and is right at home in this beautiful park.