Centenary Park Is Filled With Recycled Plastic In Buloke Shire Council VIC

Buloke Shire Council is no stranger to recycled plastic products, installed throughout their municipality. At Centenary Park in Wycheproof VIC there is recycled plastic furniture, garden panels, exercise equipment and more. Replas fitness trails are unique, outdoor, self-guided exercise systems that are user and environmentally friendly. The fitness equipment provides local government, schools, and municipal organisations with an attractive and useful community amenity. Designed to encourage people of all ages to improve their aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Recycled plastic garden panels are the ideal solution for garden beds and playgrounds. The panels have been designed with safety in mind, made from non-toxic material comfortable to sit on with a smooth surface. The panels from Replas are easy to mow and snip around with no risk of the chipping that occurs with log and timber surrounds, no rotting, splinting or warping over time. The close fit of the interlocking joint prevents loss of fill (additional sealing may be necessary where fine sand is contained). The outdoor furniture from Replas in Centenary Park are Premier Settings, offering greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. Buloke Shire Council have installed these settings in-ground, a great option for long lasting durable park settings. The addition of recycled plastic products in Centenary Park closes the loop on the communities soft plastic recycling and gives the public a great place to stop and enjoy!


Garden Panel

A sturdy solution for garden beds, playgrounds and sand pits.