Cairns Regional Council Bring A Circular Economy To Coastwatcher Park

"Palm Cove, a unique, quiet and relaxing village by the sea where centuries old “paperbark” Melaleuca trees line the casual esplanade. Palm Cove is a tropical paradise which provides for all of your needs and ensures your holiday will be one to remember in an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication."

Located in Palm Cove Qld, Coastwatcher Park is a local park with a kids playground, 'youth space' that has a skate park facility and a picnic area. Including in the park are several products from Replas, signage, bollards, fencing, furniture, and more! The Coastwatcher Park plank sign is made from recycled plastic, bringing a long lasting product with informational plaques routed into it. The bollard fencing and garden panels give parents and children safety around the park and a durable product surrounding the sand pit playground. Kimberley Seats and Big Benches are located all around the park, giving visitors a resting area. A park like Coastwatcher is the perfect example of creating a Circular Economy by creating a demand for the recycled plastic products. Well done to Cairns Regional Council and Palm Cove for making a difference in Closing the Loop in northern Queensland.


Big Bench

The perfect community bench.

Garden Panel

A sturdy solution for garden beds, playgrounds and sand pits.

Plank Sign

A customisable wayfinding sign solution.