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Recycled plastic bollards are an excellent alternative to timber. They provide rigid, resistant barriers to define boundaries or deter vehicle or pedestrian access. Available in a variety of configurations and colours, bollards may stand alone or be linked via a chain or pipe and made be routed to enhance appearance of recessed for signage etc. Replas bollards are robust and will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting. They are suitable for many applications, particularly those that are environmentally sensitive. It is important that all bollards are installed correctly, when installing please follow the Bollard Installation Brochure.

Long Lasting

 Cost Effective

Australian Made

 Environmentally Friendly

Low Maintenance

 Easy to Install

Standard bollard 90 mm comprises a solid recycled plastic profile with a pyramid-shaped top.


Lightweight and easy to install the 100 mm features a routed collar and in built cement holes


The robust 125 mm bollard features a pyramid top and is ideal to define boundaries.

145 mm Bollard Black with red reflector Patterson Lakes Victoria1

This wider post allows for the easy addition of plaques and routing making it perfect for signage as well as a barrier.

150 mm Round Bollards Black Victoria

The environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional treated pine bollard with a clean and smooth finish.

The unique double wall construction offers more rigidity which adds to the strength of the installation.

Brolga Flat Top track marker01

With a clean contemporary look the Flat Top can be adapted to suit signage with plaques or routing.

The Heritage Bollard combines traditional elegance with modern design.

Maritime Top Shot 2

Elegant take on an old favourite without the corrosion and installation problems of traditional cast iron.