“Once engaged to complete the work, Replas were able to prioritise and deliver the works within a short time frame,” said Shannon Reynolds, Technical Officer – Parks and Open Space at Townsville City Council. Replas Pro, Lifestyled Landscapes, have installed a 130 metre double post and rail fencing and a 10 metre retaining wall for Townsville City Council at Wes Barrett Park in Oonoonba. After a flooding disaster left thousands of houses underwater, the town is repairing the homes and parks. “[The] council is impressed with the service provided as well as the quality, look and feel of the product in this high amenity area which has a strong community presence,” said Shannon. “Ensuring that the barrier rail maintained the natural look and feel of the original design intent for the subdivision was highly important considering we were replacing a natural wooden barrier rail with a recycled plastic product.” Recycled plastic profiles from Replas come in a large variety of colours, widths and length and are available either rectangular or square. Using recycled plastic is the perfect long lasting, low maintenance, fit for purpose product for the new refurbishment of Wes Barrett Park. “Not only does the new barrier rail look impressive, we know the recycled plastic product will outlast any timber product and will require little to no maintenance compared to the wooden rail, also we do not have to worry about termite damage. Overall, we are very satisfied with the service and the product and would have no hesitation in recommending the product for other similar projects,” Shannon concluded. Replas Pro Lifestyled Landscapes did a fantastic job helping Townsville City Council rebuild a beautiful part of Oonooba at Wes Barrett Park.