Settings and Benches Will Withstand Weather and Children at Cranbrook State School in Townsville

Cranbrook State School in Townsville, Queensland, has updated their outside after school care area with recycled plastic settings from Replas. Outside School Hours Care Coordinator, Nicole Powell, was looking for products that would "withstand time, weather and 80 children - we found this in the Replas furniture." The 3-support Premier Slimline Settings with Lyrebird Benches, [...]

Townsville City Council Rebuild Wes Barrett Park With Recycled Plastic Fence and Retaining Wall

"Once engaged to complete the work, Replas were able to prioritise and deliver the works within a short time frame," said Shannon Reynolds, Technical Officer - Parks and Open Space at Townsville City Council. Replas Pro, Lifestyled Landscapes, have installed a 130 metre double post and rail fencing and a 10 metre retaining wall for [...]

Bushland Beach Becomes Termite Free With Installation Of Recycled Plastic Bollards

The harsh climate and weather conditions in Queensland make it difficult for many products to stand the test of time. Because the white ants and termites eat the wooden bollards, Andrina Miller from Townsville City Council explains the advantage of recycled plastic bollards from Replas at Bushland Beach. "It [bollards] doesn't rot or get white [...]

Custom U-Shaped Benches Surround St. Margaret Mary’s College Courtyard

“To reinforce our commitment to promoting a clean and sustainable environment, the College has added some recent additions to our landscape,” explains Assistant Principle of St. Margaret Mary’s College, Michelle Kotzas. “Our new recycled plastic seating along Crowle Street highlights a commitment to reducing and reusing soft plastic waste, thanks to the environmentally friendly products [...]

Over Forty Recycled Plastic Benches At St Anthony’s Catholic College in QLD

Located in Deeragun, Townsville is St. Anthony’s Catholic College who are the happy new owners of several Kookaburra Slimline benches placed in their courtyard. With 40+ recycled plastic benches from Replas installed throughout the school, principle Barry Homer is absolutely wrapped. “These seats are used as an eating area and outdoor classroom for the students, [...]

Green Bollards Are Safe Against Termites For Warrina Park, Townsville QLD

Recycled plastic bollards from Replas is the ideal solution wherever rigid barriers are required to define boundaries or deter vehicles and pedestrians. Townsville City Council have installed several 100mm green bollards at Warrina Park. The 100mm bollards are partially hollowed to reduce it's weight and for easier installation. As is the case with all Replas [...]

Recycled Plastic Lyrebird Bench Makes The Perfect Rest Stop

The famous Castle Hill Goat Track is well worn and easily identified as short but steep, with 1,300 steps to the top. Father and daughter, Max and Heather, along with their dog Rex, are just two of the hundreds of people who do this challenging walk everyday. Max and Heather regularly walk the Goat Track [...]

A building product that’s durable, sustainable, and flexible

If visiting Townsville, QLD., find time to walk or drive up Castle Hill for the view. Look out over the city below, the Ross River countryside in one direction, the sea and Magnetic island in the other. Castle Hill is particularly popular in the evening, as dusk settles, the sun sets and the city lights [...]

Apex Park in top shape

An Enduroplank™ walkway on the bridge at Apex Park in Townsville was installed three years ago. A recent inspection showed the recycled-plastic decking was the perfect choice as it is still in tip-top condition. In the same park they have used recycled-plastic profile as garden edging which provides a long-lasting divide between the garden bed [...]

All in a rowe

Townsville Council, in Queensland, combined a row of Replas 100 mm bollards with rope to produce a nautical styled entry to Rowes Bay. A 50 mm hole in the bollard was created to house the rope and a bugle screw was used at the back to hold it in place. This solution not only provides [...]

Protecting the bush

Townsville Council, in Queensland, have combined galvanised pipe with green 125 mm recycled-plastic bollards to create an effective and long-lasting barrier at Rowes Bay. This offers protection for the surrounding bushland as vehicle access is now restricted. Townsville Council, in Queensland, have combined galvanised pipe with green 125 mm recycled-plastic bollards to create an effective [...]

New boardwalk on Magnetic Island attracts attention

The stunning new 710 metre elevated walkway on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland was installed by Hutchinsons Builders. It is constructed from a combination of recycled-plastic Enduroplank decking and Replas profiles. Not only is the walkway a unique and robust structure, but the plastic contained in the materials was sourced from waste plastic collected [...]

Boardwalk attracts visitors to Magnetic Island

Gabul Way is a much anticipated walkway connecting Nelly and Geoffrey Bays on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland. The 710 m elevated walkway made from recycled plastic, complements the island's existing 25 km walking track network and provides spectacular views over the Coral Sea. Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said that in addition to [...]

Townsville trade show

Replas recently attended the Building for a Profitable Future trade show held by Townsville Enterprise in conjunction with the Townsville Council and Ergon. Held at the Mecure Inn in Townsville, the show was attended by real estate individuals, developers, builders and contractors. If you would like Replas to attend your expo call 1800 REPLAS to [...]

Magnetic Island Boardwalk – construction under way

At a meeting designed to workshop elements of the new City Planning Scheme with residents, Townsville Councillor, Trevor Roberts, revealed the plans and artist’s impressions for the 710-metre engineered walkway to be constructed on Magnetic Island. The plans illustrate a boardwalk style walkway constructed of recycled-plastic decking boards with stainless steel balustrade and handrails. Cr [...]

All aboard

Up to 10 000 people can visit the Willows Rotary Sunday Market in Townsville. On Sunday 22 July Coralie McClintock was there to treat many of the visitors to a display of recycled-plastic products aboard the Replas trailer. Our mobile showrooms are always packed and ready to go, so if you have an event, exhibition, [...]

We’ve got the edge

Stockland North Shore is a new residential development 12 kilometres north of Townsville CBD. Landscapers, JMAC, chose to use 40x90 recycled-plastic profiles from Replas to create an elegant finish to local parklands. Jason Zimmer, Project Manager with JMAC said, the main issue the profiles addressed was that the, ‘Edging doesn’t break down,’ comparing it with [...]

Tornado Fit

Students at Vincent State School in Townsville make use of Exercite™ fitness equipment installed on their oval, during break times and as part of their class daily fitness activities. During the recent tornado the school suffered damage to buildings and grounds. However, due to the sturdy nature of the fitness equipment it survived unscathed. ‘Once [...]

Planet the winner in school competition

To raise awareness of global warming Townsville rotary clubs challenged primary school students to collect points for their school by participating in activities such as turning off lights and appliances, and having shorter showers. The initiative won the Rotary Club of Thuringowa Central, a prize in the Australian Women’s Weekly Environmental Heroes competition which they [...]

Take a look at our latest installations!

Cairns City Council, Queensland. The council has recently refurbished their viewing platforms and boardwalks at Devils Hole, Boulders. After Cyclone Larry left a trail of destruction through north Queensland last year, councils and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service used long lasting Enduroplank™ to replace the destroyed timber. Southern Grampians Shire Council, Victoria. The Shire [...]