Replas were very encouraged to be part of the first National Plastics Summit in Canberra where the Government brought key industry leaders together to discuss the waste crisis, and the importance of building the demand for recycled plastic. Government ministers and industry leaders gathered on a Replas Seat to address the audience at the summit at Parliament House on Monday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison later announced strengthening of procurement guidelines to ensure the use of recycled content where-ever possible.

Banning the export of waste plastic will keep more of the raw stock here for use, and lifting industry capacity will increase our ability to use these materials constructively. But to make the system really run we need to build the market. Through months of consultation with industry, customers, retailers, and brand owners the one issue everyone comes back to is to increase the demand for recycled products. Different countries have tried this in different ways. True to our principles my Government will not take a top down tax-and-punish approach to this. We think Australians will respond to better incentives, and we want to encourage and incentivise the best. We want to support recycled products to compete in the market. We want to see industry step up and be part of the solution which they want to do also, and Government must be part of this as well. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the first of a number of measures my Government will take to build the demand for these recycled products. We will be strengthening the Government Procurement Guidelines to make sure every procurement undertaken by a Commonwealth agency considers environmental sustainability and the use of recycled content as a factor in determining value for money.”