Waterfront Boardwalk & Bridge

Originally built in 2002 from Ironbark, the waterfront boardwalk at Seaport, Launceston reached the end of its practical life after only 10 years. Even with regular maintenance, the Ironbark could not stand up to the tough climatic conditions of the area. After a very thorough and lengthy selection process, Enduroplank™ decking from Replas was chosen. The six metre wide deck stretches for almost 350 metres and provides a safer more durable surface for pedestrians. The best part? All of the offcuts were sent back to Replas to be melted back down and turned into the same style of seats which line the boardwalk.

Location Seaport, Launceston
Customer Launceston City Council
Product Enduroplank™ Decking
Colour Grey