“Devon Meadows Primary School is a Resource Smart School and promotes an ethos of care for the health and wellbeing of individuals, our school community and the environment. As a Resource Smart School, we wanted to use environmentally preferable products. Replas is a local leading manufacturer in recycled plastic that produce products designed to last,” explains Administration Assistant Renee Dennett of Devon Meadows Primary School in Victoria. Devon Meadows PS is now home to recycled plastic in ground Premier Benches for their outdoor classroom, including Replas Podium signs, recognising the traditional land and endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot that resides on the land the school has been built on.

Renee and the administration of the school are big supporters in outdoor classrooms and the benefits it can have on the students, “The area was previously unused with overgrown bracken fern and tall grasses. This was a newly designed space allowing teachers to take learning outdoors. Outdoor learning has positive impacts for children. It works on their intrinsic motivation for learning, increases creativity and activates thinking outside the box. It also improves children’s health and well being, social skills and behaviour. It can also strongly support delivery of the curriculum through making learning fun which always improves engagement.” As for the recycled plastic products, Premier Benches and Podium signs will never split, rot, crack or ever need painting – an ideal material for outdoor use.

“Recycled plastic is resistant to termites and the location of the outdoor classroom is on a sandy hill prone to termites. It was an easy decision for us to use Replas.,” said Renee. “The initial cost for purchasing Replas products may appear to be more expensive than natural timber products, however, the recycled plastic is a longer lasting product. Much better value to money in the long run.”