Reid, a suburb of Canberra, is very close to both the Australian War Memorial and Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve. Reid, Canberra, has officially been added to the long list of communities with installed Replas bollards. With the help of installers, All Seasons Horticulture Services, these 125 mm x 125 mm green recycled plastic bollards are now a part of their street view. These bollards had a modification which was a routed collar at the top and a red reflective strip inserted. Modifications are a huge part of Replas bollard modifications which make them so special to each town, suburb, or city they are installed in.

Where is Reid going next in the Recycled Plastic world?

When the recycled plastic ‘bug’ hits city councils, it explodes! With this new instalment from All Seasons Horticulture Services, Reid will now see the different recycled plastic makes on the suburb. Old timber rots and takes time to maintain. These new Replas Bollards are going to save the council time and money! With a product like recycled Bollards, it takes little to no maintenance. It is long lasting for the community, and it puts the town recyclables not in a landfill. Instead, a beautiful barrier that they can enjoy for the years to come. With the help of Replas Pro All Seasons Horticulture Services for their installation in Reid, recycled plastic bollards are now just the start for this community. Replas is hoping they love the new addition and come back for much more!

To find out more about Reid, one of the oldest suburbs in Canberra, visit their website here!

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