“The entire process was seamless and the sanitisers are a hit. Thank you, Replas, for an all round wonderful experience and an amazing product,” said John Roiniotis, Field Applications Specialist Manager for Merck in Bayswater, Victoria. John and his team ordered recycled plastic Hand Sanitiser Stations from Replas for their offices as employees make their way back to the facility. “Even under the added burden of a COVID-19 world,” said John, “Replas was a delight to work with, providing a great customer experience and a smooth and seamless purchasing process. To top things off, setting up the Hand Sanitiser Stations were a breeze.” Merck installed the Standard Station unit, made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic – 70% juice bottles and 30% soft plastics collected through the REDcycle program. Available in either an automatic touchless dispenser or a standard manual dispenser, Merck has shown their commitment to sustainability and the Circular Economy. “Aligning with the Merck  “Environmental Impact Reduction Program” we chose Replas to be our provider for our hand sanitiser stations – saving  12,500 plastic packages from becoming landfill – it was a no brainer,” said John.