Gundagai High School in NSW Install More Recycled Plastic Products Throughout School Grounds

Simon Bridgeman, Principal at Gundagai High School in New South Wales, has recently installed recycled plastic furniture from Replas around his schools grounds for students to enjoy. “Our students participate in recycling their cans and bottles as an environmental initiative but also as a fundraising initiative for the local cancer assist group,” explained Simon.  “It was important for us to also show that the outdoor furniture we were purchasing could reinforce this initiative and show the students that if we recycle correctly there is many uses for our waste.” Simon didn’t want to order steel products again, thus, Lyrebird Benches are now installed in three different areas around the school. “The reduction in the temperature range has been valuable; the students like how they are not as cold or hot as the other seating in the school.” The durable, “strong and heavy,” fit for purpose benches require minimal maintenance and will never need painting like previous furniture at Gundagai High School, “the benefits are education, but also that we don’t need to maintain them like oiling timber, painting, etc.,” said Simon. “We have been able to educate our students about how they are produced and everyone has been happy with the products.”


Kookaburra Bench

Wide bench designed to accommodate back to back seating.

Lyrebird Bench

A traditional looking bench, popular in an array of settings.