Dog Agility parks offer a fun way to exercise and socialise your dog. Paul Cooper, Environmental Service Manager at Timaru District Council in NZ explains why they chose recycled plastic when installing a new Dog Park:

It was established with a dog owning community that there was a need for a dog park, an area that was fenced where people could let their dogs off and know that they were going to be safe. We looked around for different materials that could be used for an agility course and in the end we decided on using recycled plastic.

‘One of the reasons we chose to go with recycled plastic, was timber often splits in the sun and changes colour, So, since it’s been installed which is about 12 months the equipment had weathered really well, it’s still holding its colour it’s still nice and clean. There’s no twisting or splitting. It’s really fit for purpose. The council and the community are very pleased with the agility course.’

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