The Diamond Valley Railway in Eltham, VIC have been avid Replas product supporters, using recycled plastic profiles for their sleepers that hold the rails in place. When it came time to upgrade the seating around the railway, Sam Daly, President of Diamond Valley Railway, knew he wanted to continue using reliable and durable recycled plastic products from Replas. “We had some very old seating in place before, made of concrete bases with wooden planks for the seating. The new product is like chalk and cheese to the old product, with the plastic seating being much better for comfort as well as visually looking much better,” explained Sam. The new seating is 1.8 m in-ground Kimberley Seats, a popular product in the Replas furniture range. “We needed a product that would look good in a natural environment and would last a long time, and we believe the Replas product will achieve both these outcomes,” continued Sam. “Assembly was straight forward and installation was as well. Diamond Valley Railway takes sustainability seriously with the railway having used recycled plastic sleepers for well over 15 years now, replacing the former timber sleepers we once used. We have no continued this with the installation of nearly 20 seats as well.” Sam is looking forward to continuing the replacement of their worn seating with Replas recycled plastic seating. As far as the feedback, “we have had great public feedback to the new seating, commenting on how much better the area now looks,” said Sam. The Kimberley Seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. It’s available in either a sturdy free-standing or in-ground model like at Diamond Valley Railway. It will not split, splinter or crack and will never need painting, making it an ideal alternative from timber products.

Photos Taken By: Sam Daly