The harsh climate and weather conditions in Queensland make it difficult for many products to stand the test of time. Because the white ants and termites eat the wooden bollards, Andrina Miller from Townsville City Council explains the advantage of recycled plastic bollards from Replas at Bushland Beach. “It [bollards] doesn’t rot or get white ants and will last forever without any vandalism. They look great and there is no painting required,” explained Andrina. Named after the official bird emblem of Queensland, the Brolga Bollard is tall and slender with an elegant profile and is equally at home in coastal or wetland areas, or in this case, far north Queensland.┬áThe unique double wall construction offers more rigidity which adds to the strength of the installation. While a hollow centre means although the bollards are strong, they are extremely lightweight, making them cheaper to transport and easier to install.”They are good for the environment and look great all the time, we are keen to continue using recycled plastic products from Replas,” said Andrina.