Parks Victoria have installed recycled plastic decking, furniture and bollards around Buchan Caves, a natural spring swimming pool part of the Moon Hill Walk. The Enduroplank™ decking has been down for many years, requiring minimal maintenance work for Parks Vic, allowing them to use their resources on other areas of beautiful Buchan Caves. Recycled plastic decking is fit for purpose in marine environments as the products will not rust, rot or corrode, even when submerged. Kakadu Seats and Beachcombers have also been installed in the area, giving visitors a splinter safe area to rest and place their belongings. Kakadu Seats are a straight-back seat with graceful sculptured supports where the Beachcomber has been modified to read ‘Parks Victoria congratulates the Buchan Caves team for its outstanding commitment to customer service.’ A Flat Top Bollard has also been used as signage to show navigation between ‘Devils Punchbowl’ ‘Buchan Valley Views’ and the ‘Moon Cave.’ These recycled plastic products will last through the harsh environment in regional Victoria.