Yarra Ranges Council have installed recycled plastic decking bridges and walking paths and furniture with inserted chess boards at Birdsland Reserve. Enduroplank™ decking has been used as the walking track along Gembrook Creek for the community to use on nature walks. In-ground Premier Settings have been installed for many years for visitors to stop for a picnic or a resting spot. Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber.  Installation is easy due to the consistency and uniformity of Enduroplank™ while securing the planks to your supporting structure is simple. Replas’ recycled-plastic Premier setting offers greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. The works and maintenance team, led by Steve Feather, were responsible for the install some time ago. This is the perfect, fit for purpose installation to show the effects of Closing the Loop and creating a Circular Economy.