The Yarra River Bike Trail in Richmond, Victoria (under Swan Street), has had a recycled plastic upgrade! A truck with a trailer drove across old Enduroplank™ decking, previously without ‘fins’ on the boards, and it had snapped in places that were heavily impacted by the weight. An easy, fuss free solution was replacing the older Enduroplank™ from Replas with new Enduroplank™ with a higher slip rating for the sloped start of the trail. Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. It is ideal for a commercial application and salt or rain water will not corrode the material, even when submerged. A grooved surface on Enduroplank™ provides excellent slip resistance, currently rated at R10 (P3) according to Australian Standards. Installation is easy due to the consistency and uniformity of Enduroplank™. A great installation for Yarra City Council in keeping their bike trail safe and updated with recycled plastic decking from Replas.