On the 25th of February, Wyndham City Council installed a footpath in Werribee, VIC, using Polyrok material from Replas. The 310 metre footpath along Parker Street has diverted around one million pieces of soft plastic packaging from landfill in a fit for purpose application. Councillor Robert Szatkowski said “council is always looking for new ways to deliver our capital works program in an environmentally sustainable manner.” Soft plastic packaging collected through Coles and Woolworths as part of the REDcycle program have become some of the most problematic plastic waste, proving difficult to find a home for. Polyrok from Replas is a sustainable recycled plastic aggregate alternative to mineral aggregate in concrete for pathways, kerbs & channels that find a home for this waste stream. State of the art technology allows Replas to use 100% post-consumer soft plastics. Fit for purpose, strong, and durable recyclable concrete from Replas is the new way for councils to be part of the Circular Economy.  “Soft plastics have traditionally been among the hardest items to recycle, and Polyrok is an innovative and practical way to reuse these products,” said Cr Szatkowski. “As well as being sustainable, this new footpath aligns with the Wyndham Active Transport Strategy, a 10-year plan to connect the missing links in our walking and cycling paths that make journeys on foot, bike, scooter, wheelchair and the like harder than they need to be. Over 2020/21, we are spending $2.2 million on new and upgraded footpaths and shared paths as part of the strategy.” Cr Szatkowski said Polyrok is an example of council using environmentally sustainable materials to build and maintain Wyndham CC. Glen Outten, General Manager for Outwest Concrete, said this is the future of concreting, “the soft plastics are working great in concrete with the thermal currency, the workability, bonding to the cement to hold the strength. When we found out Wyndham wanted to put 20% Polyrok in the concrete, we thought great let’s try it – this is big. It’s a big stepping stone towards green concrete.”