Wyllie Park runs alongside the North Pine River in QLD with an effortlessly accessible park and outdoor area for locals and visitors. “The park has recently re-opened after closure to remove large Pinus elliottii (Slash Pines), to maintain park safety,” explains the ‘Feature’ Community Magazine. With the removal of dangerous trees and the new planting of eucalyptus trees will make the park “restored to its original use as a well-facilitated rest area and one of the region’s valued heritage sites.” And the best part of all? Recycled plastic has made its first appearance in Wyllie with an installation of nearly 120 brown brolga bollards from Replas.

“Although temporary fencing will remain at Wyllie Park while the new trees continue to establish themselves, this delightful park, abundant in history and nature, is now open for the whole community to enjoy.”

The community can enjoy the following facilites at Wyllie Park – 

Electric BBQs, Fitness equipment, Shaded playground, Picnic tables, Rubbish bins, Shelters, Toilets, Water fountains