Back in the days of New Bay City Council, NSW, in 2011 to be exact, a recycled plastic picket fence went up on a public park out Botany Bay way. From the start the new fence drew positive public comment, with itsĀ  125 mm square green Replas bollard posts and matching pickets.Today that fence is in Bayside City Council territory, and while the council has changed, all things recycled plastic remain the same. Despite six years of exposure to the marine environment and scorching Sydney summers, the picket fence shows no sign of requiring maintenance.

So when the time came for another old wooden picket fence to be repaired and repainted, this one at Harold Fraser Oval on the Princess Highway at Kogarah Bay, council staff got to thinking. With all that maintenance they will avoid by using recycled plastic, perhaps another Replas picket fence is the better choice. So before the painting team goes out to the oval, the sums are being done. Wise move.