“It was great to work with the product today and be part of an Australian first with all involved, ” said Pat Willmore of Willmore Contractors in Horsham, Victoria, where the first commercial installation of Polyrok was completed at the local Coles. Pat and his team were contracted by Horsham Concrete to bring this project to life, “I was approached by Mainbrace towards the start of the job. Thought it was a great opportunity and a great product to use. “The key factor was we have a good relationship with Mainbrace and they had some good evidence to back up Polyrok so if they’re 100%, then I have full faith in it. I got in contact with Pauline from Horsham Concrete and discussed it’s a great idea and to go ahead with it.” The Coles refresh includes a new carp park, with the kerbs and footpath made from the sustainable aggregate alternative, Polyrok from Replas. State of the art technology allows Replas to use 100% post-consumer soft plastics that are recovered from the REDcycle program in Coles and Woolworths with leading packaging brands. Pat said, “it’s great to see Horsham get our shot at using this new product, it turned out great and everyone was impressed with the outcome and we want to see more of it in the future.”

“Pat is one of our great customers and I trust him implicitly with our product,” said Pauline Schmidt from Horsham Concrete. “It’s really exciting to be part of this project, I’ve learn a lot this morning about what can be done with plastics that we once thought we couldn’t do anything with,” she said. “Initially we thought, we can only guarantee our product, pure aggregate, sand, cement, and water, but we didn’t know about this. After speaking with Pat and looking at your test results, talking to Steve Rawson from SR Engineering, we were confident in the test results. Working with it this morning it was easy, it was light, lighter on the trucks and lighter on the guys from an OHS perspective, it’s really a no brainer.”

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans welcomed the collaboration to find innovative and practical ways to reuse soft plastics. “There is huge potential and opportunity for infrastructure projects to help us build a more circular economy,” Assistant Minister Evans said. “This is why the Federal Government has prioritised the development of new national standards and guidelines to encourage the use of recycled content in roads and other projects.”

Read Coles’ full press release here.