“When I first drew up the Landscape Plan, I realised that a few areas needed barriers to steer the foot traffic towards the centre of the walkway. I came across Replas, who supplied bollards, and was very impressed that they were made from recycled plastic and very affordable,” explained Lynn Noye, Director at Mowtown Gardens. “They [bollards] come already coloured and will never need painting nor will they rot which was a huge benefit. In this day and age where so much plastic is produced, used once then dumped in landfill, it only made sense to me to be able to buy and use this recycled product,” continued Lynn. Coloured recycled plastic bollards from Replas were recently installed in front of Westgrove Primary School in Werribee, VIC by Mowtown Gardens. “The bollards I chose came in blue, green, grey and black to enhance and flow with the already colourful Totem Message Posts. Not only were the bollards light and easy to work with, they could be drilled and even shortened from the base. They are very easy to install, within 15 minutes they were set from the quick cement and ready to have the holes drilled for the chain and link.” When asked what the school and community had to say about the newly installed recycled plastic bollards, Lynn was happy to share the positive feedback. “We have had so many compliment from staff members and the school community about the finished project. I cannot recommend Replas bollards highly enough, they really area¬† great product to work with and they look terrific,” said Lynn. Recycled plastic bollards are an excellent alternative to timber, providing rigid, resistant barriers to define boundaries or deter vehicle and pedestrian access just like at Westgrove Primary School. Bollards can stand alone as well as being chain linked, or by pipe. Replas bollards are robust and will not split, rot, crack or ever need painting as Lynn explained. A great sustainable chose by Motown Gardens and Westgrove Primary School!