“I am always on the search for different ways in which we can provide our zoo animals with mental and physical stimulation,” explains Laura Harbridge, a Zoo Keeper for Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria. “It’s pretty tricky when a toy needs to be fun and indestructible for an animal that weighs two tonne and has massive tusks or horns,” she said. Laura is also the Animal Enrichment Coordinator, where her and her team have upcycled the offcuts of recycled plastic sheeting from Replas that they used for bed platforms, dens, shelters and weighing stations. “Whether it’s as simple as a board with holes drilled into it to squish yummy treats into, or funky puzzle feeders for giraffe tongue twisters,” said Laura. Recycled plastic sheeting is 100% solid plastic available in thickness from 7 to 60 mm. Unlike timber based sheets or panels, Replas sheeting is tough, strong and durable, will not rot, crack or be attacked by termites. It will last for years outdoors and in continuous contact with water and many corrosive chemicals that would attack and destroy most metals. Animal toys and feeding puzzles are a great way for Werribee Open Range Zoo to include as much recycled material into the park as possible with minimal wastage.