Replas Warranty Statement

All Replas products are guaranteed fit for purpose at the time of purchase. Should a fault be apparent at that time the goods will be replaced or a refund given. Also, Replas will not be responsible for any freight or installation costs incurred.

We guarantee all Replas products to be free of manufacturing or material defect that will significantly affect the use of the product for a period of ten years. Any Replas product deemed defective by Replas under normal use conditions, will be either repaired or replaced at Replas discretion. Therefore Replas does not take responsibility for the costs involved with installation of products.

Replas is committed to producing the best product possible whilst ensuring the use of recycled plastic as a raw material. Products are designed to last and have a life expectancy of more than 40 years. As well, please see our environmental statement just here.

Our Customer Service Help Line 1-800 – 737527 is ready to provide immediate attention to any questions, comments or concerns. We are available to answer your calls Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST. In addition your product comments or concerns are welcome via e-mail at:

Warranty General Specification would be as follows:

Material Source

Post consumer and post industrial waste plastic and other additives

Physical Properties

Sectional Integrity

Voids and Finish
Porosity to a maximum of 25% of cross section.
Maximum void length 20% of largest cross section.
Surface finish will be relatively smooth and not have any major voids or visible defects


Sizes are indicative and do vary batch to batch as shrinkage is not consistent. Variance is approx 1.5%. Fins on planking also may vary.


With different batches and in some cases in the same batch run, product produced will have slight shades of colour variance.

Replas produce a recycled product that will never look like products that use virgin material, clients should expect the finished product to have some minor flaws in the finished product.

Air holes or bubbles in the profile

From time to time the porosity (the amount of small spaces or voids within a solid material) of our profiles or Enduroplank™ will differ due to the vast range of recycled material we use. The only downside to the Porosity being varied is aesthetics.

The reason we don’t do a solid section of Enduroplank™ is that it actually is weaker than the current w section and the porosity or bubble holes actually add value.