The Buddy Bench Seat Design Competition by Nicole Urbanski at Urban Upcycle has commenced with a donated recycled plastic Buddy Bench to San Remo Primary School. The competition was run amongst schools who booked an incursion from Urban Upcycle, with the best/most appropriate design awarded with a Buddy Bench and their design scribed into the backrest and then donated to the artists school of choice. Assembled in 15 minutes and engaging nearly 60 students, the winning design of 2 stingrays was assembled to educate the students on the recycled plastic product. “On behalf of San Remo Primary School, we would like to thank you for your generosity,” said San Remo Primary School (Acting) Business Manager Sancha Stevenson. “Our outdoor seat, which was designed by school parent Phoebe Ruffin (pictured), is better than we hoped for. The seat itself will help to bring awareness of up-cycling/recycling to our students and school community and works in with our school values and our culture of being an inclusive school,” said Sancha. Recycled plastic Buddy Benches from Replas require little maintenance and will not split, rot or crack like alternative timber. This Buddy Bench donated to San Remo Primary School will last for many years and will continue to educate students on the importance of recycling and what is possible!