The Freedom Hub® by Furnicharge is an eco-friendly solar-powered charging hub. Combining outdoor furniture with renewable energy that can charge up to 200 devices per day. Giving us the opportunity to work, connect & collaborate in ways we previously could only imagine. Whether it’s work or play, Furnicharge helps you to enhance your outdoor areas. Perfect for schools, parks and businesses who want to improve their outdoor spaces and create hubs for collaboration, creativity and community connection.

The hubs capture 1.3kw of energy from the sun each hour and are actively encouraging people to work, socialise & connect outdoors. Seating up to eight people, they’re perfect for providing you time to do your work in the great outdoors as well as reducing our reliance on unsustainable energy sources.

One of Furnicharge’s core values is a commitment to recycling and to reusing. Replas was chosen in the collaboration. By using recycled plastic profiles which uses soft plastics from the REDcycle program they are helping to create a circular economy, drive demand for recycled plastic products, and helping to reduce landfill.

They’re currently promoting 3 major pre-summer bonuses. To find out more head to: