The Mt Arthur Reserve Trust is responsible for managing a 2200 Ha reserve that has been set aside for recreation and environmental protection; as such sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of the organisation. Shaun Baigent from the Trust says, ‘We had metal signs on a combination of wooden and metal posts, these signs had started to rust, were constantly attacked by vandals, had rotten posts and were fading. We also had metal bins that were being constantly beaten up by vandals.’‘From our experience of using Replas products we plan to replace most of the signage and bins with Replas products of the same style that we have installed’. Shaun Baigent, Mt Arthur Reserve Trust.Thanks to funding obtained through the State Government Community Building Partnership Fund, the Trust installed a range of recycled-plastic benches, signage and bins which not only fits in with their ethos, but also means lower maintenance costs’.