“Cardwell Spa Pool is a naturally-fed, seasonal creek that shot to stardom on social media in 2016. Ever since, people have been adding it to their holiday itinerary but there are a few things you might not know about this idyllic swimming spot.”

One of the rangers in Northern Queensland, Cindy, installed Replas furniture at Carwell Spa Pool located in the beautiful coastal town of Cardwell in Tropical North Queensland. A cooling off spot for many locals for years, the installation of recycled plastic furniture gives this spa pool the perfect fit products. “These settings are easy to clean, were easy to install, and we are so happy how good they are for the environment,” explained Cindy. “One of the settings is for wheelchair access which allows people of all abilities to come to the spa pool and enjoy a day out. A recycled plastic setting will not rot like the alternative timber and will be around for a long time.” Currently, the swimming spot does not have any bins available so be prepared to take your rubbish away with you, Always check the area you were occupying before you leave and if you notice someone else hasn’t been so considerate, it’d be great if you could pop their rubbish in your bags too.

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