Recycled plastic Trackmarkers are placed at the entrance to the Jaycee Bridge near the local skate park in Benalla, Victoria on Jaycee Island. The area is a popular walking track for the locals and visitors alike in Benalla Rural City Council. Benalla Rural CC is engaging in becoming a more sustainable regional city by benefiting from the value of recycled plastic products, and more importantly Closing the Loop on their plastic packaging destined for landfill without the purchase of recycled plastic products. Trackmarkers from Replas are ideal to highlight the features of an area. Available in a number of sizes and colours they offer the advantage that both sides of the sign may be utilised. Moulded holes, in the below ground section, are filled with concrete to provide strength and durability. Along with Trackmarkers, Benalla Rural CC have recycled plastic profiles installed on their street-scape seating, adding old fashioned style with sustainability!